Is your program age appropriate?

Yes! I adjust my presentation accordingly depending on the age level of the children.

"The ideas presented were either new information, or they supported what is being taught in the classroom. The presentations were grade-appropriate, enjoyable interactive. We will definitely have them back to our elementary school."
           -Peggy Keelan, Childrens Programs, 2005 Glenhope Elementary PTA
            Colleyville, TX

"Your program was outstanding for all grade levels, primary and intermediate! Both students and teachers found you to be highly engaging with an artful way of inspiring questions and fueling budding interests in writing.!" (2/28/04)
           -Zandria Hopper, 5th Grade Teacher, Blackwell Elementary
            Sammamish, WA

What do you talk about with the students?

(10 min) I begin by using Tiny Snail to explain:

 What is an Author/Illustrator?
 Where do they get their ideas?
 How does an author write the story?
 How does an illustrator draw the pictures?

"Your program for the preschool age was very age-appropriate as well as enjoyable for the adults." (3/2005)
          -Amy Smith, Teacher, Field Early Childhood Center, Neosho, MO

"You guys were wonderful! Thank you for using kindergarten language. We really enjoyed the portfolio with the character cut-outs on the different backgrounds." (5/2005)
          -Beth Gardner, Kindergarten, Mitchell Elementary, Dallas, TX

(10 min) Then my husband, Shane Bronson, shares his music book (The Kaleidonotes the Mixed-Up Orchestra) by teaching students how to play instruments in the orchestra. He emphasizes that musicians have to practice playing songs on their instruments just like authors and illustrators have to practice writing their stories or drawing their pictures.

"Excellent job! You kept the kids interested throughout the program. I especially liked the fun 'orchestra' activity that you did with the kindergarten and first grade students." (2/2005)
          -Erin Olson, 1st Grade Teacher, Elm Creek Elementary, Maple Grove, MN

(5 min) I discuss Polliwog and review the steps to writing and illustrating a story.

(5 min) Discuss how I wrote and illustrated Sea Horse, run!, and if time permits we read part of the story.

(5 min) Questions from students. I like to remind Kindergarten that questions begin with 'how' or 'why'!


(15 min) Using Tiny Snail as an example, I emphasize the importance of using library books to research the stories and illustrations. Students see examples of revisions both for the story and the art.

 "Your presentation to our second grade students was beautifully done!  You pitched it at their level, kept it moving, and shared information  that was relevant to them as authors. You engaged students who  normally have trouble focusing. Your love of writing  and illustrating was apparent!" (2/2/05)
           -Anne Towner, 2nd Grade Team Leader, Northview Elementary, Eagan, MN

(15 min) Shane explains how a publisher scans the artwork into the computer in order to design the book. He also uses examples from each step of the printing process to demonstrate how books are put together. After briefly introducing his Kaleidonotes story, he discusses the challenges involved in rewriting a rhyming story.

"Very interesting and appropriate for our 3rd grade students. Please come again!"
          -Judy Parrish, 3rd Grade Teacher, Shiloh Christian School, Springdale, AR

"Mr. Mrs. Bronson's presentation was very engaging and informative for all students in grades 3-6."
           -Heather Evans, 3rd Grade Teacher, Highland Elementary, Ewing, MO

(10 min) I briefly discuss Polliwog reviewing the steps to writing and illustrating a story then I introduce my latest book: Sea Horse, run! The kids learn how I used computer special effects to enhance the Polliwog and Sea Horse, run! artwork.

(5 min) Questions from students.


After discussing the submission process for books and explaining how much rewriting can go into a novel or chapter book, I explain why I chose to write picture books. Students will learn the three simple steps to outlining a plot for any story, and I emphasize that the three "R's" (Read, Research, Rewrite) apply to every type of writing. From this point the presentation covers much of what was discussed with 2nd and 3rd grades only the pace is faster in order to leave adequate time at the end for questions.

"Good for fifth grade because the author talked about the  writing process. She also discussed steps to creating published works. Inspired some kids to take more pride
 in their writing."
          -Conan Schreider, 5th Grade Teacher, Annehurst Elementary, Westerville, OH


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